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Common Myths About Your Golf Swing

Every golfer in the world has their own ideas of what makes the perfect golf swing.  That doesn’t mean you should listen to their advice, in fact, there are more than a few common myths about your golf swing and we are here to dispel some of them.레플리카 Here is some 레플리카 that you should actually stop listening to.

Keep Your Lower Body Straight

Someone, somewhere thought that if you move your lower body that it would throw off your swing.  That isn’t the case at all, your lower body is just as an integral part of your swing as your arms.  You need to move through your hips and shift your weight to get a powerful swing.

You Need to Keep One Arm Straight

Most right-handers are told to keep their left arm straight through their swing, but having your arm too stiff throws off your swing.  As you swing the momentum will straighten your arm naturally you don’t need to concentrate on keeping it stiff.

Your Head Should Always Be Looking Down

This is also bad advice, you want your head to follow through with your swing.  Not moving your head will prevent your shoulder from turning into the swing, too many golfers take this bad advice far too seriously.

A Good Swing Uses Only the Upper Body

There is a silly idea that you only use the muscles in your upper body to create a powerful swing, but again that isn’t the case.  You need to twist your torso and move through your hips to gain good momentum.  Your power comes from your swing and how you shift your weight in your lower body.

Roll Your Wrists After Impact

Another myth that seems to be around forever, it is meant to encourage golfers not to lock their wrists when the club hits the ball.  Rather you should let the club be released naturally as you swing.
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The golf swing is a crucial part of the game and getting it right makes your game better.  However, most golfers overthink their swing and make it too complicated when it doesn’t have to be.  Here is a look at how to properly swing the club for the best shot.

Ignore the myths and bad advice and just work on getting the basics down right and your game will improve.  Practice makes perfect so that’s the perfect excuse to hit the course and keep playing.

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